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Attorney Reviews

Read what our clients are saying about us.

I never thought I would find myself needing the assistance of a criminal attorney. When I did, Kara Stein-Conaway came highly recommended.

"From the first call she was attentive and was able to to explain things in a way that I could understand. She went to work immediately working in my defense. I do believe that it was due to her knowledge, organization, efficiency and experience that I was saved from months of court dates and waiting. Every time I called her she either took my call or called me back very quickly. She went above and beyond in even helping me to find other experts to help with my situation. Not only did she help to get the best outcome but she did so with grace and kindness which was such a blessing at such a stressful time. I will be forever grateful for what she did for me."

Katie B.
I am so thankful I found Kara. The entire legal team at her firm quite possibly saved my career.

"I had telephone consultations with quite a few attorneys prior to hiring Kara. They all told me exactly how things would go and what to expect. When I spoke with Kara, she gave me a new perspective and appreciated how a charge could affect my professional career. She presented a different approach with my personalized needs at the forefront. I was blown away and in the end she was right. At no point did she or her team give up on me. I truly felt seen as an individual, and not for the mistakes I made to land me in that situation. I cannot recommend this firm and Kara specifically enough. Absolutely changed my life."

Worth every penny!

"Passionate, thorough, and saved me my freedom and my livelihood. I can't stress enough how much this man saved me. Thank you again Jeff!"

I knew right away that Kara was the perfect choice for me.

"She is very caring and kind while also being incredibly professional and diligent with her work. I felt very comfortable with my cases in her hands (which were looking to be a nightmare) and sure enough she was able to get me the best possible outcome for my situation. I couldn’t thank Kara and the team at Stein-Conoway law firm enough! I would highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for an attorney that works at the highest level of professionalism while also being a very kind and understanding person. Thank you again!"

Eric S.
Kara is a 5-star lawyer

"I came to her in a time of need and she operated with honesty & integrity in offering me a great legal solution for us to pursue together. All in All Kara was able to get me a prefiling diversion that neither I, nor other lawyers I had consulted, knew existed before. What it means to have a professional cannot be underated when it comes to your personal life. Would reccomend to anyone."

Amazing and hard working

"Kara is a hard working and dedicated lawyer, she represented my husband in a very difficult case, as soon as I was in contact with her she immediately started researching the case. she was constantly in contact and kept us updated at all times and used any possible resource she had to gain the best outcome. She is truly an amazing lawyer and a amazing human being. We are very grateful to her and her staff for their her hard work and dedication."

Susanna C.
My experience with Kara Stein-Conaway has far exceeded my expectations.

"I have fortunately been able to hire Kara as my attorney on two separate occasions, and both of these legal matters concluded with the best possible outcomes. Kara is one of the few attorney's who really cares about people and it shows. Working with her put me at ease during very difficult times, as I knew I could trust her to achieve the very best results possible. She is clear, kind, compassionate, and will go to bat for you. After two phenomenal experiences, I wouldn't think of using anyone else. I can honestly say that my life might be on a different course now, had I not hired her to do what she does best; help people."

She is truly a privilege to work with!

"I found myself in an incredibly difficult time in my life and was looking for the best of the best so that I could rest with the peace of mind that someone was doing all that they could to support me. I made a few calls and right when I started talking to Kara Stein-Conaway, I knew I wasn’t going to have to call anyone else! Even during financial hardships due to COVID-19 shutdowns, I could not deny how much more comfortable I felt in her excellent care. She held deep compassion for what I was going through and listened so attentively to every detail of my story, asking imperative questions when necessary."

Melanie E.
Outstanding legal representation from Jeff Stein

"Jeff Stein is an outstanding Legal Counsel, and very well connected within the judicial system. His ability to communicate in common terms, for those outside of the legal community, was refreshing and relaxing to us during our legal issue.

I highly recommend Jeff Stein to anyone with a legal issue, whether large or small."

Jeff Stein saved my life!

"Jeff Stein represented me in a life changing case. He performed miraculously, nothing short of perfect. Mr. Stein had a great reputation with all professionals around him, especially the Judge. It was obvious everyone he came in contact with had a high respect for him. Mr. Stein is brilliant and compassionate at the same time. He has a special talent knowing timing in the courtroom. My case turned out the best case scenario because of Jeff. I fully believe Jeff Stein makes miracles happen! I cannot express in this review how great he is. I am so blessed that I was directed to him to represent me. Mr. Stein was prompt on answering all questions I had. I felt protected as long as Jeff handled every aspect of my case. I have full trust that Jeff Stein will help you too, not only help you but he will get the BEST case scenario for you too!!! I highly recommend Jeff Stein to represent you during this hard time. I wish you the best!!"

Excellent representation

"Jeff is one of the best and well respected attorneys in san Luis Obispo. I'm sure the judges respect his professional conduct as well.

If your looking for an attorney I wholeheartedly recommend jeff Stein"

My experience with the Stein-Conaway law firm was far beyond great!

"After a brief meeting with Kara and her partner Jeff I already felt more comfortable. Like I was finally being heard. So I decided to walk away from my first lawyer and give Kara and Jeff a chance to help me. Thank God I did!!! They got to work right away asking many questions and reviewing all the materials many times along with many other things to come up with the best defense. It was at this point that I knew I had made the right decision."

Phil K.
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